Writing and Photography ... a passion - by Kathleen Messmer

Empress Hotel - Victoria

The Beginning

I've been a filmmaker, photographer and writer for years. With my children grown and gone I'm able to pursue what I love...Photography and Travel. I finally decided to start writing about it.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach


  • MFA, Photography
  • BA, Film
  • AA, Liberal Studies
Cannes, France


  • Travel Writing
  • Travel Photography
  • Public Speaking
  • Script Supervision/Continuity
A jaguar laying on the ground in a zoo.

Fine Art Photography

I make fine art prints of my photography and my work is available for purchase on my photography art website.

Santa Monica Sunset

Media Kit

Seeing the world through writing and photography. Click to download my media kit.

My Many Loves

As a photographer, I've been fortunate to see many places around the world. I've seen the wonders of nature and the world, and some not so wondrous, where people struggle on a daily basis, just to survive.

For that reason, I don't limit myself to just one category of photography or writing. Should I pick one? Loads of people tell me yes. But my heart says "Do whatever the hell you want to do, as long as it is legal and feeds your soul. " That's what I follow - that's my Indie Spirit!