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Indie Spirit Live! represents my journey as a travel writer and photographer. It’s a place to share my stories in words and pictures.


Sailing in San Francisco

Sailing the San Francisco Bay…in Summer

I have this friend who has a small (28 foot) sailboat that he takes out almost every weekend to sail ...

Tommy’s Joynt – An Encounter

The best bistro ever! Check it out on Spotted by Locals.

Fort Baker – Of All the Places

At the anchor of the Golden Gate Bridge...who knew Fort Baker could be so nice? Check it out on Spotted ...

Grace Cathedral – A Place to Calm Your Mind

Wandering around San Francisco can be a peaceful experience if you know where to look. Check it out on Spotted ...

Tony’s Pizza Napolitana

Honey Pie? You betcha. Check it out on Spotted by Locals.

Seeing Through Photographs

This is an article I wrote some time ago, but it is still as relevant today as it was then. ...

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