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Sailing the San Francisco Bay…in Summer

Sailing in San Francisco

I have this friend who has a small (28 foot) sailboat that he takes out almost every weekend to sail around the bay.  “Cool” you might say.  “Who wouldn’t love that?” you might add.  Well, let me tell you something about San Francisco Bay in the summer…it’s FREEZING!!!  If you’re going to go tooling around…

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Sutro Baths – A Favorite Place to Meditate

Just north of the Cliff House Restaurant, from the parking lot, you can witness what once was an amazing place people used to flock to in droves for rest and relaxation in one or more of six saltwater pools; the Sutro Baths.  Now, sadly, ruins are all you can see.  However, taking the trail down…

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A Hauntingly Beautiful Place to Rest

San Francisco National Cemetary A favorite thing of mine to do is hang out in cemeteries and shoot the grounds and headstones using my infrared camera.  It creates beautiful, creepy, and often, haunting images. When I visited the San Francisco National Cemetery to see what my camera would produce, I found that not only is…

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Walking into the Past and Preserving the Future

The San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers On the day I visited, it was cold, gray, and wet outside and the welcoming warmth of the interior was very near ecstasy.  The Conservatory is nestled in one of the greenest parts of Golden Gate Park (but of course, the entire park is amazing!) on an open field…

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Saturdays at the Farmers Market

One of my favorite things to do on Saturdays is to go to the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building Plaza.  While it’s not my usual market (I often go closer to home), it reminds me of when I lived in France and had to go to the Market every other day or so.  …

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Parasailing and Surf-Gliding in the City by the Bay

The Cliff House is a very cool destination for everyone – tourists and travelers alike.  But the favorite destination of many locals is Ocean Beach just south of the Cliff House and Lands End.   While it is arguably one of the windiest spots in The City, a favorite pass time is standing at the…

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