A Hauntingly Beautiful Place to Rest

A cemetery

San Francisco National Cemetary

A favorite thing of mine to do is hang out in cemeteries and shoot the grounds and headstones using my infrared camera.  It creates beautiful, creepy, and often, haunting images.

Spouses allowed…

When I visited the San Francisco National Cemetery to see what my camera would produce, I found that not only is it a place of honor for our (far too many) fallen heroes, it is also a place of tranquility.  A place to sit and contemplate the state of the world or even your own life.  I had no idea there were headstones from the Civil War, the Spanish American War, as well as many others.  In addition, the spouses apparently were allowed to be buried there; another little factoid I was unaware of. While it is closed now to new interments, it has the distinction of being one of only four cemeteries within the city proper’s boundaries.

Civil War Monument

While I wasn’t happy with my infrared images that day (not haunting or creepy enough), I was pleased with my color images and they conveyed the sense of beauty and tranquility I was after.  Also, there’s a great view of Alcatraz island between the trees from the cemetery.  Who wouldn’t want to spend eternity looking out across the bay to such a prodigious landmark?

Alcatraz from the SF National Cemetery

You should visit.  It’s a truly beautiful place to rest.

1 Lincoln Blvd., Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 94129, (650)589-7737

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