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Cowgirl Creamery Sidekick

I have this friend who has a small (28 foot) sailboat that he takes out almost every weekend to sail around the bay. “Cool” you might say. “Who wouldn’t love that?” you might add. Well, let me tell you something about San Francisco Bay in the summer…it’s FREEZING!!! If you’re going to go tooling around the bay on a sailboat, you’d better dress for winter. It’s that cold.

Sailing around the bay is great, but it’s what happens afterward that’s the best.  I’m talking about Cowgirl Sidekick.  Once docked, we walked over to the Ferry Building and got our nosh on. Cowgirl Sidekick has one of the best plates around called the Cheesemonger Roundup, but they only do the Roundup weekdays 3:30pm-6:30pm.  You can pair it with a local wine or craft beer for good measure.

It’s so good; the kind of good that makes you close your eyes and moan with pleasure. While there’s not much seating there, they do have a counter you can sit at or you can take your food outside and battle the seagulls or walk over to Justin Herman Plaza and sit there to enjoy your meal.

Wrap that up with a nice warm fire and some wine with friends afterward and you have a perfect day in the bay.

Kathleen Messmer

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