The Colors of Antelope Canyon

Curvy rock formations

I’m sure we’ve all seen images of Antelope Canyon and have ooo-ed and ahhh-ed all over ourselves. But nothing beats being there in person. Yes, the images are stunning and, frankly, awe-inspiring, but to be inside of a slot canyon is quite another thing. It is at once incredible, and in the end, we wonder why we’ve never had this experience before and why we waited so long.

Antelope Canyon #2

According to our guide, slot canyons are gorgeous. Still, they can also be incredibly dangerous from the standpoint that you never want to be in one if it’s raining or if there’s any sign of rain due to the possibility of flash flooding. Remember that you can be up to a hundred feet underground, and the water has to go somewhere. There are limited access points to climb out, so being aware that it’s sunny outside is a huge plus.

Antelope Canyon #1

Slot canyons, from the top, don’t look like anything special — just a bunch of flat, striated rocks. But once you descend, it’s a whole other world. Literally, sometimes it’s wide open; others, it can be tight getting between the walls and downright claustrophobic. But the payoff? Stunningly, awe-conjuring, drop-dead, beautiful colors on a spectrum you’ve never before witnessed.

Antelope Canyon #4

I include some of my images here for reference. They are considered “southwest” images, but I believe they would look really nice anywhere. Mother Nature wasn’t messing around when she created these places. But then she rarely does.

Antelope Canyon #3

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Page, Arizona, make the slot canyons one of your must-dos. If you miss it, it really is something that will haunt you until you return to witness this spectacle for yourself. And who knows, if you turn around to look where you just were, you might get a chance to see the Lady of the Canyon.

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