Parasailing and Surf-Gliding in the City by the Bay

Two people parasailing

The Cliff House is a very cool destination for everyone – tourists and travelers alike.  But the favorite destination of many locals is Ocean Beach just south of the Cliff House and Lands End.  

While it is arguably one of the windiest spots in The City, a favorite pass time is standing at the south end of the Cliff House and watching the parasailing happening right there on the beach for everyone to see and be inspired by. 

Unless there’s a boat pulling the parasailor(s), then the operation is entirely manual and is a sport requireing a level of athleticism and precision that’s unparalleled anywhere except for maybe in the military. A tremendous amount of work goes into it, but the reward is one that is worth the effort…not to mention the graceful rise into the sky and finally coming back down to earth on the beach or in the water where it all began.

In addition to watching the parasailors, one can also see the beautiful windmill just across the highway at the end of this section of Golden Gate Park.  Truly breathtaking.  

Check it out.  You won’t be sorry.

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